Ramak pedigree

RAMAK VZAP-AV-1405, Iridescent Chestnut

*26.1.1976   † 06.08.1999

Ramak's ancestors came from England's and Poland's most famous studs – his dam Constanze came from the female line of Queen of Sheba so that Ramak belonged to the strain Obeyan Sherrak. His sire Gromet, bred in England and imported to Germany by Hans Vorderbrugge, was Federal Champion Stallion in Verden 1973 and was very successful at stud and on shows. Gromet's sire Grojec, son of the Polish "stallion of the century" Comet, had been imported to England in the 1960's from the Polish stud Nowy Dwor. He nicked so well with the English mares that no one had expected his offspring to be anything else than "straight English" – so Ramak's sire Gromet who traces back to the famous desert war mare Rodania in his female line was a typical Rodan-stallion.

Ramak also didn't show his Polish legacy – he was a typical "Crabbet", including lots of chrome which I love so much.

Ramak was bred by Hans Vorderbrugge. Already in 1976 he won his first show – he became World Champion Colt on the Salon Du Cheval in Paris. He was licenced for breeding in 1979 and passed his stallion performance test in Munich in 1979. In the following years he had to endure a real Odyssee – until I found him in the summer of 1989 he had had 6 different owners...

I saw him on a small stud farm in the North of Germany – emaciated, neglected, crazy in his mind but nevertheless of an incredible gentleness – I fell in love instantly, with his huge eyes and his iridescent golden coat. Everybody told me I was crazy when I bought him, but I have never regretted it. We grew together soon, his "insanity" dissolved into nothing and he became the very best mount one could imagine. I have never experienced such a gentle character in any other stallion – he was an ideal children's mount, moved extremely careful in order not to endanger his little rider, even when mares in season stood around him and made their offers to him. Good riders however – or at least those that thought they were – he sometimes liked to tease.

Citty+Ramak kussWhen there were mares to cover I could lead him on a simple halter and after the "work" was done he insisted on substantial cuddling with his "bride".

When riding through the country side no route was long enough for him. He loved our Salukis and allowed them everything, contrary to other dogs. My long rides with him and the Salukis are my dearest memories.

Ramak covered totally about 130 mares, sadly only few of them were purebred Arabians. His "unfashionable" English pedigree might have prevented that. The few breeders of purebred Arabians who did not hesitate to use him were not disappointed – his foals were all noble, correct and of a clear mind.

10 wonderful years we have had together until I had to let him go to Greener Pastures in August 1999 due to an incurable disease. I still think of him every day, he will be unforgettable for all of us. My best friend has left me, a loss that can't be substituted. I can only hope to see him again some day.

The beautiful portrait of him was photographed by Peter Prohn, the photos of Ramak's closer relatives are by Betty Finke – many thanks!