We will keep this short we are Christian and Astrid, both born in 1962 and living in Hamburg in the north of Germany. Christian used to be a graphic artist working for advertising agencies and therefore had the honour but also the incredible lot of work to do this homepage. In the meantime however he has changed his profession and is now working with metals and as Blacksmith.

He is more fond of creating swords than banisters... Having worked for the farrier of the German Endurance Riding Team enables him to care for the feet of our Binti by himself in most cases.

I, Astrid, am doing an interesting job in the Hamburg branch of a big international Japanese trading house for which I have been working since 1980. Unfortunately my Japanese is still not worth mentioning...

Both of us have been very interested in Arabian Horses even before we met in 1989 (on a stud farm, where else?), how we met our first Saluki can be read on the page " Our Salukis ".

Our leasure time is spent entirely with our animals. Although Hamburg is a beautiful city at least as long the sun is shining which unfortunately is not the case very often we plan to move to a place outside the town, with more room, more green, better air and less traffic lights. We hope we can achieve this goal in not too far future.