sorrel mare, AQHA-Reg.No. 4116209, *28.04.2001


Arkquita is our brandnew Quarter Horse dream! Nearly five years after Citty's tragically early death we decided to have a Quarter Horse again.

Too much had we missed the good traits of this breed, and Christian with his height of 194cm is really too tall to ride an Arabian without looking ridiculous. A nice, broad Quarter Horse however is just the right horse for him. We had had this thought for some time already and had studied the different bloodlines. After the bad experience with our poor Citty we wanted one thing first: a Quarter with healthy, strong legs that are needed for the heavy muscling which we favour. So we ended up with the Wiescamp-Quarters, and after reading "The Hank Wiescamp Story" by Frank Holmes, edited by Western Horseman Inc., USA, we were sure those were the right horses for us. We are lucky enough to live not away from the best Wiescamp-Quarter stud farm outside the USA - the Circle-L-Ranch of the Laves family in Wenden near Hanover - only 150km away from us. 

We had been there once before, in 1992, and always remembered the beautiful Quarter Horses we had seen there. So it was decided - we wanted to have a Wiescamp-Quarter, a mare, if possible three years of age or older. So we made an appointment, and on a rainy November morning we were introduced to the complete Circle-L-collection of Wiescamp horses - the largest one outside the USA!

    It is just unbelievable how gentle and cool these horses are. No matter whether you visit the broodmares or the yearling colts - you can stand right among them, no one will bite, jostle or step on your foot - they just want to be nice and be petted. When there are too many of them, each one will wait for his turn to be caressed. And beautiful they are! Just as we imagine an ideal Quarter Horse: noble, refined head with the large, friendly, slightly almond-shaped eyes that are so typical for the Wiescamps, small fox ears, a small, fine muzzle, well balanced lines, super muscles and - strong, sound legs with hoofs of the right size!

    Unfortunately, at the moment there was no saddle-broke mare for sale in the age and with the pedigree we wanted. However, when visiting the weanling foals we were struck by lightning - no, struck by Arkquita: we stood among all the curious babies who all wanted to be caressed, when one of them held its lovely head higher than the others: little Arkquita, a sorrel filly by our favourite stallion Sailduino out of the gorgeous Palomino mare CL Silent Arkquita by Silent Ark. A filly like a dream who just knows how to use her charms! Her head is so beautiful and refined that some Arabians would be glad to have it, her legs are sound and strong, she is sweet and gentle like all other Wiescamp Quarter Horses we met, and her pedigree is straight Wiescamp - but soooooo young… Actually we wanted a horse for Christian to ride, and not only in three years… But the little girl took our hearts by storm, we could not get enough of her. Nevertheless, we had to think about it a little - due to her young age -, but then it was decided: Arkquita shall be ours!

    She will stay at the Circle-L-Ranch for the next one or two years. Nowhere else could she be raised better. The only disadvantage for us is that we can't see her as often as we wish we could..


    This year Arkquita will be shown in halter on some AQHA shows. We are very much looking forward to it and are curious how she will be judged. But no matter how the result turns out to be - in our eyes she is the most beautiful Quarter Horse, our dream come true!

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